Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

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Solar Street Lights are provided with best energy utilization and are generally replaced with traditional street lights. These are provided with rechargeable batteries or accumulators, which are provided with electro mechanical reactions and are correctable so they are called as secondary cell. The products are also provisioned with controllers, which enable the lighting to switch on or switch off at certain times. Rendered best quality Solar Street Lights are provided with suited procedures of dimming, charging and lighting.

Umpteen advantages of Solar Street Lights :

Bringing the community in collaboration, these enable local people to continue their activities even after dark. By tackling energy from sunlight, these can efficiently illuminate a space the size of a small football pitch at night. The lighting solutions can provide a night time venue to sport rural communities. Also, these are significant for crucial pursuits such as healthcare, education, business etc.

Key Points :

  • Operated with low-maintenance batteries, which require replacement after years & years.
  • Applicable for the areas with no electricity.
  • Provide you more time to write & read at night.
  • Provided with auto intensity controls, these have impeccable performance.